Denise and Jannie
Hamming it up for the camera
Huron Av Carollers is a concept brought to life by two women from Ottawa, Canada.
HAC's basic carolling family consists of two children, mom, dad and a set of    grandparents.    9" to  12.5" in height.  $90 - $100 each.  (These particular carollers are in private collections and are examples only)
Singing Santa and two children.  $275.
Festive Friars.  Brown Friars.  Christmas 1998, limited numbers.  Sold out.  $100 - $125 each
Festive Friars.  Grey Friars   Christmas 1999, limited numbers.
A few left.   $100 - $125 each
Each individual creation is unique in its own way and a wonderful addition to any collection.
The heads are individually sculpted and brought to life by Jannie van Eijk.  Wigs, hats and props add the finishing touches.  Denise Desautels, the other half of this creative team, designs and fashions the costumes from the pantaloons on up.  The designs are based on Victorian styles.  Natural fibres, old and new, are used whenever possible: wools, silks, linens, cottons and recycled furs.
Choirboys.  Authentic styling of  English choirboy outfits.  For Christmas 1999 and 2000  $100 each.
For more information about Huron Av Carollers, please contact either Denise or Jannie.   Wholesale inquiries are welcome.  Shipping not included.