Fibre Art
Red Feathers was my first attempt at needlesculpting a cloth face.  My friend and soul sister, Ann-Marie Brombal, talked me through it.  She supplied me with her knowledge and let me fumble, then find my own way.  Thank you my friend, you are the greatest.  The cloth faces do not take any less time to "sculpt" than the polymer, air dry or porcelain clay sculpts do, but the ease of being able to work on it for ten minutes or an hour is very convenient.
The heads are needlesculpted from Doe Suede and painted with acrylic paints, gel pens, make-up and coloured pencils. The hair can be almost anything.  Mohair, wool, acrylic, whatever you want to use.  I make all the accessories.  The shoulder plates were supplied by Anniebee.  They are covered with doe suede as well.  The heads are + 3 inches (7.5cm) in height.
"Red Feathers"
"Lace Hat"
She is my second needlesculpted head
The chair is set up.  The blue background sheet in place to photograph the third, fourth and fifth head.  Before the last light is in place, my favourite 14 pound furball, Dax, decides that the blue of the fabric matches his beautiful eyes perfectly and this was definitely set up just for him.
"Hair Sticks"
The third head
This is head 4 and 5.  Fully needlesculpted
and ready to be made into cloth sculptures.

All but one of the heads on this page were destroyed in a house fire on December 21, 2005.

Daxie, my wonderful furry friend, lost his life in the same house fire
from smoke inhalation.  Dec. 21/05

This head miraculously survived the fire.